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Welcome to the CrossFit "Taproot" revolution!

Our vision is complete mind and body health.
We are proud to be an official CrossFit Affiliate.

We believe functional fitness is the "taproot" or central element or position in a line of growth or development for the human body.  It is an integral part of a complete regimen to achieve superior mental and physical strength.  

Learn about our life-changing programs.  Our team of highly talented and #proven coaches will guide you into achieving new and higher goals that you want to achieve for yourself!

You will meet some of the greatest people and develop new lifelong friendships along the way.  

The next chapter of your life starts now!  

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I love this box!! It's so big and spacious with super tall ceilings. I am grateful for the knowledge and moral support I continuously receive from the coaches and fellow CrossFitters. I always feel like a super hero when I finish the WODs...

Cheryl Dirkx Hayes

Crossfit saved my life! I've tried so hard in the past to diet and lose weight and just kept loosing motivation..now I have personal trainers guiding me and motivating me to transform myself..if I can do it anyone can!

Jamie Hargreaves

Been to gyms my whole adult life and this by far is the BEST workout ever! It's addicting! Love it! Thank you Coaches! Like

Karen Hynes Glomboski

Meet Our Coaches


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) 

Endurance Trainer

Gymnastics Trainer

Judges Certificate (2019)

Kettlebell Trainer

Mobility Trainer

Scaling Certificate (2016)

Weightlifting Trainer 



Dan began his CrossFit journey over 10 years ago.  He found CrossFit very early on because he was looking for something to fuel his competitive drive.  After a few years as an athlete Dan decided he wanted to delve deeper into CrossFit so he took the next step and became a coach.  His first priority and main purpose in coaching CrossFit is to help people achieve things they once thought were impossible.  The greatest success stories he feels is the ones where people say because of your help I did something I never thought I could.

2016 and 2018 were very special years for Dan in the sport of CrossFit.  He realized a goal and a dream. Twice he sent a CrossFit Taproot athlete to the CrossFit Games.  For a coach to coach on the grandest stage in his/her profession is a huge milestone, privilege, and honor.  The CrossFit Games is it for CrossFit.  Think the Super Bowl for the NFL, and The World Series for Major League Baseball.  The experience and knowledge he has gained from these accomplishments moving forward will be a huge benefit to ANY athlete working out at CrossFit Taproot.   

In his spare time Dan loves to play recreational softball, watch Mixed Martial Arts, and spend time with his friends and family. He also loves playing and taking care of his two English Bulldogs, the world famous Barbelle Grace as well as the newest addition to the family Sir Bacon James.  


Kim Ryan

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
M.S. Art Education
B.S. Dance
Certified Yoga Instructor 
Kim first walked into a CrossFit box in the fall of 2016 at the age of 39.  Upon retiring from various dance companies and having 3 children, Kim was looking for something different.The passion for CrossFit was immediate.  Being a teacher and student by nature, Kim sought her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2017 to enable her to  share her passion for CrossFit with others. She brings her diverse background of movement, alternative healing and yoga to CrossFit Taproot. 
Kim's full time job is teaching studio art and ceramics classes at one of the high schools in the Greece Central School District and Part Time at the Memorial Art Gallery. She has 3 children who can burpee and climb ropes, and a rescued pit bull who has been know to go for an 8 mile run and sleep with their cat for days.

Karin Gogolsky

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

CrossFit Judges Course (2019)

Karin who is a spry 62 years young found CrossFit 6 years ago after a near fatal bicycle accident as she was training for a triathlon.  Being a competitive athlete all her life Karin signed up for her first CrossFit Open back in 2012.  She performed very well in a very tough division, finishing in the top 250.  Building off lessons learned in 2012, Karin signed up again in 2013 for the CrossFit Open this time finishing inside the top 200 and moved on to the second stage of the competition The CrossFit Games Masters Online Qualifier.  For the next 3 seasons Karin kept moving up the leaderboard to qualify for the CrossFit Games.  In 2015 at 59 years old she came ever so close to qualifying for the games, missing out by just a few places.  2016 was Karin's year.  With her now in the 60+ Masters division, she was able to finish the Open and Online qualifier 8th in the world.  Thus securing her spot in her first ever CrossFit Games appearance in Carson, California (Editors Note: This was also the 10th anniversary of The CrossFit Games).  Karin's was also the first athlete in Western NY, in at least 7 years to accomplish this rare feat.  2017 was much of the same success for Karin, with her missing out on a CrossFit Games spot by just a few places.  Hungrier than ever Karin worked extremely hard for the remainder of the 2017 and begining of the 2018 season.  Her hard work paid off as she was able to secure her SECOND CrossFit Games appearance in three years to compete in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Karin has been married for over 30 years to her husband Joe (aka Coach).  In her free time she likes to visit her daughter, son in law and her 4 grandchildren, in New Hampshire.  She also likes going to visit her son in Las Vegas and hopes one day the stars will align so she can see her favorite comedian Tosh!


Nick Elias

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

CrossFit Strongman Trainer

Pharmacy Doctorate (University of Buffalo)

Nick is one of the most tenured CrossFit athletes in all of Rochester.  Starting CrossFit back in 2009, Nick found a sport to fuel his competitive nature.  While participating as an athlete in CrossFit, Nick took a special interest to the Olympic Lifts.  That passion also led him to attend two seminars led respectively by Olympian Dmitry Klokov and Pan American Gold Medalist Kendrick Farris.  Nick also traveled to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the 2013 Arnold Classic CrossFit Competition and placed10th out of 300 competing athletes. 

Nick graduated from Greece Arcadia High School, in Rochester, NY.  While studying at Greece Arcadia, Nick lettered in 3 sports.  Wrestling, Football and Track.  After High School Nick went to the University of Buffalo where he received his Doctorate in Pharmacy. 

Besides doing CrossFit in his free time, Nick likes spending time with his two nephews and runs a successful Mobile Automobile repair service center. AGR Automotive. 


Lori Kilian

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Certified Teacher: Nursey School - 6th Grade, Reading K-12, and French K-9

Certified School District Administrator

Professional Photographer

Former Girls on the Run Head Coach

Former Assistant Soccer Coach

Lori who is happily married and a mother of four beautiful, and very active girls has always been active and involved in sports herself.  In High School she was a four sport athlete (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball).

By day Lori is a long term substitute teacher, but before finding CrossFit, Lori started running half marathons in her 40's and she ran 14 of them!  However continually doing the same activity did wear on her.  When she took some time off from running, some of her running friends decided to check out a CrossFit bootcamp class.  She went with them a bit hesitant.  After three months of bootcamp classes and becoming proficient in the movements used in CrossFit, with encouragement from a coach she joined the regular 5 AM CrossFit class and was hooked. 

Lori has competed in many local CrossFit competitions, including the Festivus Games, LuRong Living and WNY Masters Throwdown.  She loves that no day/workout is the same with CrossFit.  Lori likes that everyday you are becoming better and constantly improving.  This is how Lori conquered the rope climb.  She did the little things day in and day out and then BOOM, she went up that rope.  During Lori's last half marathon all she did to train for it was CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance workouts.  That resulted in her getting a personal best (PR) time in her half marathon. 

Lori loves being a part of the CrossFit community.  She believes that the CrossFit community is one of, if not the best parts of CrossFit.  She loves lifting weights and getting her body to do things she once thought it could not! 

Lori loves coaching CrossFit.  She has a passion helping people of all ages and abilities realize that CrossFit is all about moving the way the body was designed too, AND THAT REGARDLESS OF AGE, SIZE AND SHAPE EVERYONE can do it.

Lori says "It is important for everyone to see themselves as strong, and very capable of doing things they never thought was possible."  Also to all the women and young girls out there " Strong and Fit is beautiful" 


Jade Greco

B.S. in Biomedical Science

EMT B Certification (5/2018)

CPR/AED Certification (3/2018)

CERT (community emergency response team) certified

CrossFit Judges Certificate (2019)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016)

For Jade CrossFit was just something to do to pass the time while saving up for her yoga instructor certification back in mid-2016, but she grew to love it so much that she decided to become a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer instead. With-in a year, Jade was teaching 5 classes a day, 5 days a week while still at her first CrossFit gym in Babylon, New York (CrossFit Pace Performance). In addition, she ended up running 7 cycles of the “New You 6 Week Challenge,” doing the bulk of the behind-the-scenes administrative work, as well as helping people of all athletic backgrounds get a solid start with nutrition and exercise. She also assisted the head coach with specific strength and conditioning camps for the West Islip Lacrosse and Gymnastic High School teams.

Jade graduated from Long Island University with a Biomedical Sciences degree, working in a microbiology and immunology laboratory for several years. Eventually, she decided to go the pre-med route, and is now an EMT at Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance, and is working towards her goal of becoming a medical doctor. It is her fervent belief that the best medicine is preventative medicine and healthy living, and these meet at the CrossFit.

Lisa Nichols

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

USAW Level 1 Coach

Certified Teacher: Birth-12th grades
Lisa's love affair with fitness started when she began CrossFit in 2012 to get better at her then lifetime passion: racing motocross. It wasn't long before she ditched the bike for the barbell. CrossFit combined all of her passions: adrenaline, visiting the pain cave, data-driven programming, a competitive outlet, an endless spectrum of challenges, and a community willing to embrace her extroverted personality.
As a coach, Lisa specializes in creating individualized progressions toward personal goals, creating comprehensive programs, and having the best hype game around. She empathizes with her athletes and takes all of their celebrations and frustrations to heart. 
As an athlete she has made it to the elite level in the sport of motocross and CrossFit, traveling the East Coast racing in her early 20's and competing on an elite team at Granite Games in 2018 and as a pro-individual at the Crush Games in 2015. As a veteran competitor, she has numerous local team and individual competitions under her belt as well as a handful of Olympic lifting meets, and even tried her hand at a powerlifting meet. Her wealth and variety of experience make her a great asset in training athletes to reach their fullest potential both in and outside of the gym. Mindset, attitude, and proper mechanics are what she credits for her personal success and for those who work with her.
When she's not in the gym coaching she's definitely there working out or at least thinking about working out while eating to get ready to workout or trying to convince her 13-year-old son that he should work out with her.


Barbelle Grace and Bacon James

The Bosses

The Greeters

Barbelle Grace and Bacon James are our two gym English Bulldogs.  Barbelle Grace aka "The Queen" who is 5 years old can be seen running miles with our athletes, taking new athletes outside and showing them our run path, or jumping 24 inches on a Box.  Bacon James aka "The Prince" who is our rescue English Bulldog is 3 years old.  He just recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary being with us in his forever home!  No matter what athlete or who walks in our doors Bacon runs over to them to greet them.  Bacon can be seen chasing or shaking his toy balls all over the gym.  No matter if the workout is tough or if you are having a bad day, seeing these two faces ALWAYS makes your day better.  They are always in the gym and are the most recognizable faces here.  Once you meet them you will understand why.  They are definitely a huge part of our gym.



With CrossFit the unknowns are, "Can I do this?", "Am I in shape for CrossFit" or "I can not do what he/she is doing".  The answer to all these questions is YES YOU CAN.  It may take some time, but all of us here at CrossFit Taproot can get you there.  Rome was not built in a day.  So set small goals and build off of them!  Eventually, the big goals will get achieved.  

We offer two free introductory classes to help calm those "unknowns".  

The time is now. Take some action.

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