Introducing Lake Avenue Barbell Club

Dec 26, 2018

 by Dan Dirkx

Lake Avenue Barbell Club


We are fired up and excited to announce our class offerings are expanding in 2019.  


Starting January 9th, 2019 Lake Avenue Barbell Club classes begin. Classes will be held EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening from 7:30pm to 9pm!  


Led by Coach Nick and assisted by Coach Dan, these classes will primarily focus on the Olympic Lifts (Clean and Jerk and Snatch).  There will also be accessory work (squats, deadlift, dumbbell box step ups, etc..) programmed in to these classes.  This accessory work is crucial to maximizing your full potential on these lifts.  Doing the little things day in and day out turn into the big things. 


For CrossFit Taproot athletes this offering is included in your membership and if you are just looking to focus on Barbell lifts the non member cost is $75 a month automatically debited from a credit or debit card.


We look forward to seeing you all here!