Run, CrossFit and Play Pain Free Our Sweet Girl

May 29, 2019

 by Dan Dirkx



Today is such a sad day.  We had to unselfishly say goodbye to one of my best friends and my main partner in crime Barbelle Grace.  


Over the past few weeks, Renee and I noticed Barbelle getting bigger in her belly.  Last week I took her to see her Doc over at Hilton Veterinary Hospital and she had fluid in her abdomen.  This was of great concern to her doctors and after having an ultrasound it showed Barbelle Grace had a huge mass on her liver.  (less than 2% of all dogs have her type of cancer. Our poor girl got dealt a very bad hand😢)


In keeping with our promise to her assuring that she has a pain free, and has a great quality of life we decided we needed to let her cross the rainbow bridge.  Life is not fair and it certainly was not for our Barbelle Grace.


Barbelle Grace has impacted and put so many smiles on the 1000’s of people she has come in contact with.  From all her aunties and uncles at CrossFit Taproot who spoiled her rotten with pets, perfect bars, treats (especially Auntie Alaina Rizzotti-Pannoni and Auntie Nelly Epic to athletes near and far who met her at local CrossFit competitions or CrossFit Level 1 seminars, to her auntie Lori who Barbelle waited for in front of Family Dollar till she got there, so she could roam the store by herself.  Then to all the random strangers who always asked if they could pet her and Barbelle always was willing and would shake her butt at them.  


Barbelle Grace was mine, her Auntie Kim Kurtz Ryan Gammie Karin Gogolsky and the 5am Taproot Squad (Lori Angelo Kilian, Nathan Shapiro, Joel Johnson) pace dog when we did running at the gym.  She made us better.  She was a coach who pushed us.  One of my favorite training moments was right before Christmas 2 years ago Barbelle and I did synchronized box jumps.  It was awesome.  She always has amazed me with her athleticism.  From running a PR best 7:30 mile, to running a 5k with me or on a day when she only had 2.5 miles in her and I had to put her on my back and carry her back (which I gladly did), to hitting a PR box jump of 30” this dog was competitive and wanted to do what we were 

doing.  I have no idea where she got her competitiveness from😉.


Barbelle we/I love so so much.  You are one of a kind.  You are pain free and fixed from this terrible disease.  Your big brother Hollister J, is waiting for you just on the other side of the bridge.  I know he has a run course, a box for box jumps, endless amount of squeaky toys, footballs, unlimited supply of rotisserie (rotis) chicken, ice filled water and perfect bars waiting for you.  


Your annoying little brother, who loves you so very much, who is always next to you or behind you smelling your butt and looks up to you so much Bacon James will miss you so terribly bad.  


CrossFit Taproot will never be quite the same without you.  I personally will miss you coming over to me and licking my head and legs before and after I finish working out and laughing every time you did one of your famous drive by licks on an unsuspecting athlete.  Wondering where you are at the gym to find you outside in the parking lot sunbathing.  (A habit you have taught your baby brother Bacon James) Or playing the video of the dogs howling so you sing to make me and others laugh or yelling QUE PASA when you are dead asleep to get you moving to leave or just bark at your BFF Pedro next door will be missed too.  We will see you soon our sweet girl.  For now rest in peace and we love you so much.  


❤️Daddy and your whole family 


Ps.  Thank you to everyone who has ever had contact with our sweet girl.  I can not name everyone but know your pets and love was Barbelle’s favorite thing


Renee Marie I can’t thank you, Papi, Madison, Gabe and Mia enough for just being there for us when we needed you most.  Your time, advice, patience and love is so appreciated.  


Nikki Marino you are just amazing, such a good friend and one of best Veterinarian Technicians I know.  Your patience and caring for Barbelle Grace like she was your own is so appreciated.  


Auntie Lori Anderson thank you for always watching and spoiling our girl.  You always thought about her when you hit it big at the casino by getting her, her favorite treats. 


To Uncle Joey Juice (Joe Moriarty), Barbelle and I appreciate your huge heart and kindness.  You are truly one of a kind and the world needs more of you.  You took care of Barbelle like she was your own.  I will never forget that one Christmas Eve Breakfast you cooked at CrossFit Taproot.  You whipped out two filet mignons and I asked you who those were for and you said Barbelle and Bacon.  I laughed so hard and the pups loved it so much. 


Dogs are put in our lives for a certain reason and when there reason is fulfilled they are called back.  


If you have ever met Barbelle Grace you know why she was here.